Sam & Max Save the World Soundtrack – Vinyl


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Includes the full Sam & Max Save the World soundtrack in a three-disc vinyl collectors edition with cover art by Steve Purcell and designer Jay Shaw, plus a free digital copy in MP3 and FLAC.

Only want the digital soundtrack? Buy it from our Bandcamp page.

Listen to Jared Emerson-Johnson’s Sam & Max Save the World soundtrack the old-fashioned way with this three-disc collector’s edition vinyl. All of the key music from the six-episode season is included, neatly packaged in a trifold case featuring cover artwork by Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell.

What’s that? Two hours of music isn’t enough for you? You intend to lock this beauty up in a display case, never to be marred by a needle? Luckily your purchase comes with a free Bandcamp download of the extended digital soundtrack, which includes bonus cutscene suites and a few other tracks we couldn’t squeeze onto the LPs. Everyone wins!

Written and arranged by composer Jared Emerson-Johnson and given two thumbs up by Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell.

"OF COURSE this is how Sam & Max’s world sounds! Though the classic noir textures drop me firmly in the late fifties, Jared has drawn inspiration from a huge palette of genres and styles. He somehow blends the result seamlessly with generous doses of wit and attitude. I couldn’t be more pleased that this is the music that carries us through Season One, and that this sizable body of work can now be enjoyed on its own. If only my life had a soundtrack this cool." –Steve Purcell

Flutes - Daniel Gianola-Norris
Clarinets - Jordan Wardlaw
Saxophones - Jordan Wardlaw
Trumpets - Michael Whitwell, Dale Gutridge, & Daniel Gianola-Norris
Trombones - Jason Thor
Drums - Jesse Wickman & Alex Aspinall
Studio & Engineering - Jory Prum (studio.jory) & Bill Storkson (AudioSFX)

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